Andy Kubert To Fill In On Action Comics


artist Andy Kubert has been announced at DC's The Source blog as the artist on a two-issue arc of Grant Morrison's Action Comics beginning with issue #5. The story will feature the Legion of Super-Heroes and the blog hinted that it may also include an appearance by Krypto.

"Drawing the latest incarnation of Superman and working with one of the best writers on the planet made it a very easy decision for me," Kubert told The Source. "And in this story, I get to do some VERY iconic stuff!"

Rags Morales, who is the regular artist on Action Comics, drew only 15 of the 20 pages on last week's Action Comics #2, with Astro City artist Brent Anderson drawing the remaining 5. There had been speculation early on that Anderson may have been drawing the entire issue, per DC's rumored hard line approach to artists missing their deadlines.

Kubert has previously worked with Morrison on Batman, including the top-selling "Batman and Son" arc which introduced current Robin Damien Wayne. The artist has never drawn a full issue of a Superman comic before, although according to the interview with The Source, he has inked two previous issues over pencilers Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway. Jurgens has been rumored as the next penciller on Superman, following the reported departure of George P rez as the regular artist in September. Kubert was arguably the first artist to draw the "new look" Superman for the new DC Universe, with the splash page at the end of Flashpoint #5.

Following Kubert's fill-in arc, Rags Morales will return to the title.