Another Star Wars Episode VII Director Rumor: Colin Trevorrow

Colin Trevorrow

Another new name has surfaced in the Star Wars director chase. is reporting that a source has exclusively told them that Colin Trevorrow is in the running to direct Star Wars Episode VII.

It’s likely exclusive because it sounds highly unlikely. Looking at Trevorrow’s director credits on IMDB, he has directed a short, a documentary, a TV movie, and one low budget feature film. That’s exactly the kind of resume that would make Disney want to hand over the keys to a hugely valuable franchise movie with likely a $200 million plus budget.

In all seriousness, the one feature film on Trevorrow’s resume was Safety Not Guaranteed, which was a really good movie. Trevorrow has shown that he is a talented director, and he’s definitely worthy of being trusted with a higher budget movie.

However, with a franchise like Star Wars, one would think Disney would be looking for a director with a little bit more of a track record. Matthew Vaughn, Brad Bird, and Joss Whedon are all names that make sense, but a director of a sci-fi indie seems like a stretch. That being said, who really knows at this point, it could be possible that Colin Trevorrow is getting some consideration. At the very least, we wanted to mention the rumor if for nothing else to let everyone know they should go check out his Safety Not Guaranteed, because it's very entertaining.