Ant-Man's Corey Stoll Discusses Yellowjacket Suit


Ant-Man actor Corey Stoll revealed much about his villainous character, Yellowjacket, and his suit in a new report from Entertainment Weekly.

In an interview with the magazine, Stoll described his character, Darren Cross, as Hank Pym’s former prodigy. According to Stoll, Pym introduces Cross to his company at an early age and shows him the Ant-Man shrinking technology, but forbids him to use it for ethical reasons.

This denial will drive Cross to conspire with Pym’s daughter, Hope Van Dyne, to take over Hank Pym’s technology company. With Pym’s Ant-Man technology under his control, Cross will advance it further than Pym ever intended for militaristic purposes.

“I’ve even started to use the technology myself, which as a sort of psychotic effect on people if they use it too much,” Stoll further told EW. “I can’t get into the details of all the goodies of the Yellowjacket suit, but it’s several generations advanced from what Ant-Man has. And then I put it on—and then I am Yellowjacket!”

Stoll’s Yellowjacket will clash with Rudd’s Ant-Man on July 17th when Ant-Man hits theaters.