Arrow Recap: An Innocent Man

In the “An Innocent Man” episode of Arrow, John Diggle recovers from being poisoned to realize that Oliver Queen is Arrow. Oliver invites John to join him in his war against the criminal elite. However, John refuses, calling Oliver a criminal and a murderer.

Next, Oliver Queen runs into Laurel Lance, who also gives him a verbal lashing over his inconsideration for his family. As Oliver wallows in pity, his sister advises him to show Laurel he’s not the same person. The next morning, Oliver’s mom introduces him to his new bodyguard Rob, informing him that John Diggle tendered his resignation.

Oliver Queen hears about a man named Peter Declan who is facing execution for his wife’s murder. However, Oliver realizes that the man’s wife worked for Jason Brodeur, who is on his list. Oliver things Peter has been framed, so he visits Laurel as Arrow to seek her help in proving Peter’s innocence.

Laurel starts looking into Peter’s case, and Oliver makes another appeal to John Diggle to join him. Walter Steele is looking into $2.6 million that disappeared from the Queen Consolidated funds, but Moria Queen comes forward to say she is the culprit because she invested the money in one of the company’s start-up ventures.

Arrow manages to scare one of Brodeur’s men into giving up a file that might help to exonerate Peter Declan. Arrow turns the file over to Laurel, who seems to be developing a crush on Arrow. However, when Laurel presents the evidence, the judge doesn’t think it is sufficient reason to stay the execution.

Arrow confronts Jason Brodeur and demands that he confess to the murder of Peter Declan’s wife. When Brodeur refuses, Arrow puts an arrow through his hand. Suddenly, Brodeur gets a call that something is going down, and he tells Arrow that Declan’s execution has been moved up.

The scene flashes to Laurel Lance talking to Peter Declan in prison. One of Brodeur’s men enters the prison and unlocks the cells, which creates a riot. The prisoners start to go after Laurel, but Arrow shows up and rescues her. A man attacks Laurel, and Arrow grabs the man and nearly beats him to death, before Laurel stops him.


Detective Lance tells Laurel that Peter really is innocent because Brodeur’s bodyguard has confessed to the murder. Laurel tells Detective Lance that Arrow wasn’t wearing the hood this time that he was in a mask and prison uniform. Walter Steele has tracked down a warehouse that ties to the missing $2.6 million. Inside the warehouse is the shipwrecked boat of Oliver Queen’s father. Detective Lance studies some security footage and spots Oliver Queen in a stairwell pulling a mask out of a bag.

John Diggle tells Oliver Queen that he has decided to help him, but then Detective Lance shows up with several officers. He has Oliver Queen arrested on charges of suspicion of obstruction of justice, aggravated assault, trespassing, acting as a vigilante, and murder.