Ash vs Evil Dead Recap with Spoilers: Bound in the Flesh

The episode starts with a slow close-up on poor Amanda, very dead. Pablo and Kelly see her, and [...]


The episode starts with a slow close-up on poor Amanda, very dead. Pablo and Kelly see her, and the door slams behind them. Ash and Clone-Ash are fighting, and the two of them shoot into the air to stop them.

"Holy shit," Kelly says. "Two Ashes?" Pablo says. The two Ashes start trying to convince the pair that each of them are the real Ash. The real one (um, hopefully) finally says "just shoot us both, then this asshole is dead, and I don't have to deal with this shit anymore." They shoot the other one. Many, many times.

Yup, they shot the right one. "The only person you'd die for is you," Kelly tells him of how they figured it out. Ash is genuinely upset that Amanda died, and explains how his hand grew a new him causing all these problems. They once again declare that they need to get rid of the book ASAP... and are interrupted by those Aussie hikers Pablo and Kelly ran into earlier.

Ash tries to convince the hikers that they shouldn't stick around at the cabin, and Pablo and Kelly try as well, but not very well. Pablo doesn't want to send them away, necessarily, because he still wants to get with Heather, the hot young one that was hitting on him last week. Ash tells Pablo and Kelly to take them a back way to Elk Rapids.

While they walk, Pablo and Heather chat - she thinks he's up to something, but he's not talking. After a noise, he protects her, and she grabs his hand. Kelly looks back and sheeeee looooooooks jeeeeeeaaaaaalouuuus.

Ash is back alone in the cabin. "Chopping up my evil clone... maybe someday that'll feel weird." Not today, though. He revs up his chainsaw and starts cutting, while "Just the Two of Us" (original version, not Will Smith, thankfully) plays. The blood form Ash-clone seaps along the floor, and toward the book. The mouth on the book starts to open... it's liking the clone-Ash blood, it looks like. Uh-oh. The book starts talking to Ash. "Ash, to bury me is a mistake. You should use me!" "No, I already did that dance, made my life a living hell," Ash says back to the book. It basically tries to convince him to turn to the dark side. "If you bury me, you'll stop being a superman and go back to being a stock boy. I'm what makes you special." He throws it in the fridge for now. "Amanda, I'm sorry for what I must do to you. I promise to be a gentleman and respect your modesty while I cut you in little pieces. Well, maybe one last little peak at those... oh shit." That's because she's gone. Crap.

Back to our hikers, Pablo asks Kelly about telling Heather that Pablo had a girlfriend. "I don't think she's good enough for you. Come on, you know how crazy girls can be." "Yeah, I'm learning," he replies. She tells him she's just looking out for him, that it's not a good time to get involved with someone right now. "Life expectancy is short right now." An animal stirring in the woods startles them, and Pablo and Kelly shoot the hell out of it - it's just a raccoon. Brad's not happy about them slaughtering it.

Another sound stirs in the woods, and they take aim, but Brad gets in the way. His wife stands by his side, "My husband works in forestry, you should listen to him." He doesn't want them to "shoot another innocent animal." While Pablo tries to warn the pair away from the dense trees, a hand goes plunging straight through the stomach of the poor girl, from behind. It's Deadite Amanda. Oh, man. "Hello, pussies!" she says. At least she knows how to make an entrance. They open fire, and it holds the girl in front of it as they use every bullet in both their guns. Brad tries to shoot Deadite-Amanda with his flare gun and misses wildly. She plunges a hand into each of the hikers' skulls, and starts dancing them around like puppets which is equally horrifying and darkly hilarious. Amanda starts making fun of Pablo and Kelly, puppetting the two hikers. She holds them in front of her again as they both unload another clip. Heather screams, and Amanda says, "you're next hot stuff," and starts chasing her through the forest after throwing the other two bodies on Pablo and Kelly.

Heather runs into the darkness, and Amanda cuts her off. She starts slashing at her with her claw-like fingernails. Pablo tries to come to the rescue, and Heather gets thrown against a tree, looks like she severely hurt. Deadite Amanda has Pablo by the throat. Ruby to the rescue! She runs in and knocks Pablo free. Deadite Amanda says "Ash did this to me," but Pablo screams, "She's lying!" Deadite Amanda turns back to regular face and tries to plead with Ruby. "We can still be together." Ruby has the ancient bone-blade in hand. Heather comes to, and sees a bone sticking out of her leg, making her scream. When their attention turns, D-A gets away. Pablo wraps up Heather's leg, while Ruby chops up her friends to make sure they don't come back.

Ruby talks with Pablo and Kelly about the Necronomicon and Ash. She blames Ash for what's happened. "It doesn't matter what Ash's intentions are. As long as he's got that book, a trail of dead bodies is gonna follow. So take me to him."

At the cabin, Ash opens the door and comes outside. He gets his shotgun from the shed (chainsaw hand still on) and starts looking around. Ruby (with Pablo and Kelly and Heather in tow) shows up in a flash of lightning. "What the hell are you doing on this property, and where's the book you stole from my family?" Ruby asks. Pablo explains Ruby's a Knowby, and saved them. Ash says he's there to save the Earth, and Ruby says she's been cleaning up his messes for 30 years. They argue about what's next. "You're gonna bury it?" "Yeah, I found that out during a drug-fueled trip. I'm gonna bury it in the basement, then say to evil, hey evil, why don't you eat my butt?" They keep arguing, and she tells him his plan is stupid. She holds his own shotgun to his face, "Say one more stupid thin," she said. "I'm gonna say a lot more stupid things," he readily admits. She pulls the dagger and says it's the only thing that can actually destroy the evil, or the book.

Ash pulls Pablo and Kelly aside and asks for their opinions. "She did save our lives, and I think she smells kinda nice!" Pablo says. "Although I haven't showered in a while so I'm probably not the best judge." Kelly says, "If I've learned one thing from you, Ash, it's that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, she doesn't smell that nice." "Man, making decisions is hard," Ash says.

After their pow-wow they turn back to Ruby, and Ash gets the book out of the fridge. "Use the Kandarian Dagger to deface the book - literally cut the face from the book, and don't stop once you've started no matter how hard it gets," Ruby says. The book begs Ash to stop while he's cutting the face away - it bleeds, too. "No, Ash!" it says. He cuts all the way around, and it stops talking. He tears the face off leaving the book a bloody mess, and throws the face aside. Ruby says, "now present the book to me - then the power of ownership will be mine and the ritual will be complete." "Sounds simple enough, he says." This doesn't sound good. Power? Ownership? Ritual? Complete? Ash picks up the book, and then he hesitates a bit. "With the book defaced, time is of the essence. You have carried this burden for 30 years, isn't it time you let someone esle take the load?" "Just let her take your load, Jefe," Pablo deadpans.

Ruby takes the book and opens it. She starts reading from it, or chanting something in some language anyway. Yeah, she's reading from it and a storm is brewing outside. Everyone else is getting nervous. The cellar door is shaking. The ground under the cabin starts to open up and there are screams as the evil comes running through the forest again. The face of the book starts to rise from the ground and float in the air while she continues. Pablo gets dragged toward the book by his amulet, and the face attaches itself to Pablo's. Ash starts to try to fight Ruby for the book to help. "Ruby, give me that book. You don't know what you're doing!" he says. She hits him, sending him across the entire cabin.

"Of course I know what I'm doing. I wrote this book," she says.

Season finale is next week.