Ash vs Evil Dead Recap with Spoilers: The Host

(Photo: Starz)

This show is rated M for Mature, and the recap is, too. FYI.

The episode kicks off with Ash all tied up and gagged. Kelly tells a bullshit story about Ash being the one possessed by Elogas, the demon from the last couple of episodes. Ash is trying to tell them she’s lying. Brujo says he’s going to try to exorcise the demon, either through magic or physically by cutting out part of his brain. When Brujo and Pablo walk out, Kelly’s eyes go dark and she/demon says “Your soul will be mine. I’m sorry Ash.”

We see Pablo walking outside, and he goes into the trailer, complaining to himself – and then to Kelly, who’s sitting in there, about how Brujo is using him as a worthless assistant. Kelly’s trying to get his attention, and tells him “you need to calm down.” She decides they need a drink, and instead finds Ash’s pot stash. Ash Stash. Kelly’s acting a bit strange. Probably has something to do with the demonic possession.

(Photo: Starz)

Ruby and Amanda are cruising around, using Ash’s demon hand to literally point the way to the man behind the hand. Amanda wants explanations, and Ruby basically says, “Eh, things don’t need to make sense.” Ruby has this undercurrent of anger to everything she says as she seems to manipulate Amanda a bit too.

Pablo gets back to the trailer with a pipe for some smoking, and finds Kelly sitting on the couch using Ash’s shotgun as a pipe instead, already smoking. She’s high, and sitting spread eagle with her shirt falling off her shoulder, asking Pablo to “join her.” Pablo babble a bit about wanting to get closer to Kelly. She says she’s into being more than friends.

Brujo is trying to figure out what’s going on with Ash, and none of the rituals are working – probably because he’s not possessed.

Demon Kelly is continuing to try to seduce Pablo. “What’s inside of me cannot wait to tear you up.” She’s giving him the shotgun pipe, and has a cartridge hidden in her boot – yeah, Demon Kelly’s gonna try to kill Pablo. She put the cartridge in while distracting him, and he says no again, she finally goes crazy and full demon. Ash finally breaks his gag free and tells Brujo he’s not the one possessed, and they run to find Demon Kelly attacking Pablo. They manage to restrain her.

Brujo tries the rituals on Kelly, and they’re not really working there either. Ash tries to taunt the demon out, and that also doesn’t work. Brujo starts pouring leeches into her mouth and she eats them. Wow, that was gross. Bad sounds, and she pukes them up, projectile style, right on Ash’s boots. “Your charms won’t save you” it says to Brujo. He puts a rag covered in holy water on her face, and starts pouring more onto her. We seem to see Kelly again… just for a second, and she goes full demon once more. “Do it again. All of it,” the demon says. It’s just toying with them, and bashing Kelly’s head against the board it’s tied to. Pablo begs Kelly to fight it. “There is no Kelly anymore, sorry.”

Brujo and Pablo leave the room, and Pablo is blaming himself for what’s happened. Brujo tells him, “Ash has the light of the Jefe somewhere deep, deep inside of him, and somehow you still found him.”

In the shed, Kelly seems to be back, and tells Ash “this demon is never coming out. You have to kill me. Please.” He puts the gun up to her face, and she says “Just put a cross on my grave, okay?” “Kelly’s Jewish. Fuck you,” he replies.

(Photo: Starz)

Pablo goes into the shed and says “take me instead. I’m a willing host and you’ll get no fight from me.” It lunges at him, and something seems to be crawling out of her throat. Here comes terrifying demon baldy. It crawls completely out of Kelly, and teleports over to Brujo, to start its attack. It telekinetically flings him onto a log, impaling him. Ash has the thought from his acid trip, “Shoot first think later, yeah, or don’t think at all. Shoot first think never!” He flings the shotgun up into the air, spins to cut the demon with his chainsaw, and it teleports. He catches the shotgun and the demon reappears in front of him, taking a blast to the face, and exploding ectoplasmic slime all over them. Boom. Kelly wakes up and asks where she is, and Pablo sees to his dead uncle.

The three make a funeral pyre for the Brujo, and set him ablaze. “Goodbye, Tio. You always tried to tell me how the world really is, I should’ve listened sooner,” Pablo says. Man, everywhere they go, their families die. A pendant falls out of the fire, and Brujo says “the pendant is for you,” and it looks like Pablo’s a nascent Brujo himself now! As he walks away from the Pyre, all of the totem poles and such start lighting on fire, too.


Ash is taking care of Kelly in the trailer. She doesn’t remember much, and Ash says, “that’s probably a good thing.” Pablo comes in. Ash actually has a mature moment and apologizes to Pablo and Kelly. They give him the robot hand they were working on before. He attaches it, and makes a fist. “Oh yeah, baby! Thanks guys, I’m gonna shove this right up some deadite’s ass!” And raises his new middle finger, because of course he does, he’s Ash.

They drive away from the Brujo’s place, heading back out on the open road.