Avengers: Age Of Ultron Easter Eggs Comprehensive List

3506945-thanos-breaks-caps-shield-infinity-gauntlet-4After every comic book movie, we sit and analyze the messages, themes, hints, clues and of course the Easter eggs and nods to the comics and other films.

With Avengers: Age of Ultron in theaters now, we've already spotted a bunch -- and between us and the fans, expect plenty more over the next few days. Here's where we'll try and keep an index of them all in case you're curious.

So, usual drill: What did we see? What did we miss? Read on...!

Broken shield

Tony's vision features a broken cap shield - like the famous scene in Infinity Gauntlet, the story on which the third and fourth Avengers movies are expected to be largely based.

Strucker doctorDr. List

We know Dr. List (played by Henry Goodman in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and so one of the chief architects of the Hydra program that ended up giving us Wanda and Pietro and giving Ultron his body) is a reoccurring character on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and that elements of this movie were teased in Raina's visions. Will we see more Age of Ultron fallout on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

New York geography

Is Avengers tower really that close to Grand Central in the comics?

It doesn't seem like it -- but then again, apparently the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Hell's Kitchen includes the Lower East Side, so maybe New York just works differently in these films. Many of the shots in Marvel's Daredevil included buildings, streets and landmarks a minimum of 20 city blocks from Hell's Kitchen.


Thor mentions Jane's work on Convergence theory during his one-upsmanship conversation with Iron Man -- and we wonder if that's a slight nod to Secret Wars (and ironically, Convergence).

The whole concept of the Aether/reality gem tied into realities bumping into each other -- something that Secret Wars is playing with quite a bit.

Ironically, a number of story similarities have been pointed out between Marvel's Secret Wars remake and DC Comics's Convergence.

Missing Persons

Winter Soldier gets a "cameo mention," when Falcon says he's "still working on that missing persons case" for Captain America.

Thor's HEL vision

Will we see these scenes in Thor Ragnarok? Certainly it seems likely, considering that many of the other things he saw at the Water of Sight will play into future Marvel movies.

Water of Sight

So...what's the Water of Sight, anyway? Seems to me like it's probably tied to the Well of Wyrd, which was seen in Thor Annual #11. While I don't remember the Well of Wyrd working just this way, it's tied to a Norse mythological concept that was tapped at least once during the run of Thor around the time of "Ragnarok" in the comics.

avengers-leaked-clipCivil War

Of course, the wood-chopping scene is all setup for Civil War, as are a few other bits we see along the way. When Tony says that he doesn't trust a guy without a dark side, though, it not only speaks to the fundamental differences in their worldviews, but raises the question: will we see Cap get a little bit of a dark side in Civil War?

Bleeding Edge

Is Tony's final armor the Bleeding Edge armor?

Back during Matt Fraction's run on Iron Man, a suit that closely resembled this was designed by Ryan Meinerding -- a designer for Marvel Studios.


Jocasta, another AI from the comics, is on one of the chips he discards before selecting Friday, whose inclusion in the film we already covered.

Jocasta, though, has the distinction of having been created by Ultron in the comics, as a bride for him. Her mind came from The Wasp, after Hank Pym was compelled to put her mind into Jocasta's robot body, in the same way that Ultron's brainwaves were patterned after Pym's.

So...yeah. Between Jocasta and Friday, it looks to us like the movieverse is just full of bad ideas from Tony Stark's AI library.

Recurring S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent

Remember the guy from Captain America: The Winter Soldier who wouldn't push the button when Crossbones wanted him to?

He did alright by Fury, apparently; he's the guy who was handling the carrier boats in the helicarrier during the third act.