Avengers Assemble Clip, Deadpool Music Video From Ultimate Spider-Man Posted Online


Marvel have provided ComicBook.com with a first look at Sunday's episodes of Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD. You can check out the videos, along with descriptions below. Avengers Assemble debuts this week with an episode that introduces new fans to The Falcon, and will air Sunday morning at 11 a.m./10 a.m. Central Time. Ultimate Spider-Man, meanwhile, have sent us along...well, it's Deadpool. And he's very...song-and-dancey. Check it out. Ultimate Spider-Man airs at 11:30 a.m./10:30 a.m. CST.

It's the most anticipated new animated series to launch this year, reuniting Marvel's most iconic Super Heroes – Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow & Falcon! It's the team that took the world by storm in Marvel's The Avengers, so no fan can miss the action-packed adventures of Earth's Mightiest as they protect the Marvel Universe from the biggest threats they've ever seen – all while working together as a team. The world's most dangerous Super Villains don't stand a chance when the Avengers Assemble! In this blockbuster season premiere, the rookie Falcon stands alone to save his team and stop a full-scale invasion of Earth after the Avengers fall victim to the body-swapping Space Phantoms! Don't miss the action packed premiere episode of MARVEL'S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE  this Sunday at 11a/10c inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD.


Following the Sunday premiere of Marvel's Avengers Assemble, Deadpool takes over Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man as only he can. When the Merc with the Mouth's penchant for making things "unalive" brings Spidey to face him head on, Deadpool knows just what to do…. DANCE! Don't miss Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man DEADPOOL this Sunday at 11:30am/10:30c inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD.