Avengers vs. X-Men: Why the X-Men Will Win

Well, as we know tonight is the night where fans and comic book stores alike decide which side [...]

Avengers vs. X-men

Well, as we know tonight is the night where fans and comic book stores alike decide which side they're on in this epic battle between The Avengers and The X-Men.  For me, it was no contest.  I have always been a huge fan of X-Men ever since I came across the animated series.  It was that show that sparked my interest in comics and more specifically, this team, a group of heroes that were detested by the very people they were trying to save. But it's not just this that makes me believe that this team is the best.  Far from it.  From the very beginning, the X-Men have been raised and trained to be an elite team of heroes.  That's the whole reason for Xavier opening his school in the first place.  To hone young mutant minds into not only controlling their powers, but to use those powers to aid human and mutant-kind alike.  Xavier had this vision from the very early team of Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel and Marvel Girl to the newly formed (and split teams) of Cyclops and Wolverine.  But, we're not here for a history lesson; we're here to listen to my reasons as to why the X-Men are going to beat the Avengers. 1)       As I stated above, these people have been a team since they were teenagers.  But it's more than that.  They're also a family.  Sure, a highly dysfunctional and dangerous family, but a family none the less.  They know all of each other's weaknesses as well as strengths.  Where one may fall, there are plenty of others to help them back up.  A lot of times, words aren't necessary as they've been fighting as a team for so long, they basically know their moves before they communicate them. 2)      And speaking of which, that brings me to my next point.  Telepaths.  Using Emma Frost or any other telepath they have on their team, they don't need to speak their words so much as simply use the telepaths as a conduit for their thoughts.  Cyclops (or whomever) will be able to give commands simply by thinking them, allowing their tactics and maneuvers to remain completely undetected by the Avengers.  Yes, they may deploy a machine that could hamper that but I'm sure the X-Men may anticipate this move and, perhaps, think of a way to out maneuver that. 3)       Telepathy isn't the only tool the X-Men have.  The pool of powers collected at both Utopia and the Jean Gray School are numerous.  Besides the telepaths mentioned above, they have powerhouses such as Colossus  and Magneto,  scientific minds and marvels like Beast and Danger,  and elemental powers from Storm, Iceman and others.    And that's only the beginning.  There are various other mutants whose powers exceed even the team's imaginings and could very well be the thing that tips the scales in their favor.  If you have such a diverse amount of soldiers on your team, there's no telling the things you do. 4)      But none of these things matter if you don't have a strong leader to pull you through.  And the X-Men have their leader in Cyclops.  He has proven to himself and others that he is a leader.  Of course, it's no wonder since he has been since he was a teenager.  His tactical expertise has led him and his team to numerous victories.  But the same could be the same for the Avengers so why am I championing Cyclops' ability?  Because he knows that in war sacrifices must be made.  That sometimes the only option is losing something or someone.  He has proved this through a couple of actions in his past, none stronger than throwing himself into the emptiness of space, basically killing himself.  Of course, this was a ruse to be captured by their pursuing alien enemies, brought back to life and then take over their own ship but it was certainly a gamble.  And it's these gambles that ultimately pay off.  And maybe that's because of the large world of "grey" the X-Men find themselves in. Their world, despite wanting it to be, is not black-and-white.  It's not always "right" and "wrong" or "evil" and "good".  It's sometimes a simple choice between beating the enemy or being eradicated themselves. When vampires captured both Jubilee and Wolverine, Cyclops decided to bring Dracula back to take the band of vampires out despite the atrocities that Dracula committed and the damage he could do if left out in the world.  Sure, Cyclops had a contingency plan just in case but it still doesn't matter that he brought back a known mass murderer.  Add on the fact that his team has such notorious villains as Emma Frost and Magneto, he realizes that sometimes to win a battle you must delve into the darkness, so long as the darkness doesn't take you.  And it's this same back-and-forth, the world is gray attitude that I think gives them an edge over the right/wrong mentality of the Avengers. 5)       And my last reason is this:  Hope.  Yes, the very girl that seems to be the catalyst for this fight is the very thing that could save the X-Men from defeat.  It's needless to say that Hope doesn't plan on lying down and letting herself be captured or killed by the Avengers.  Hope has proven that she is far from weak.  She can tap into other mutants' abilities and use them herself.  She's resourceful, smart and an excellent fighter due to Cable's upbringing and certainly won't give up without a fight.  And of course, there's the Phoenix Force.  And seeing as the only person that has been able to control and/or defeat the force is Jean Gray I don't see much hope for the Avengers if it's actually capable of merging with her.  Of course, there's a good chance it doesn't bode well for either group but, I can hope (see what I did there?). Maybe these reasons are wrong and maybe they're not but I still stand firm that the X-Men is the team to bet on.  They've been through a lot as a group but still remain loyal to their teammates and cause.  And with the life of the "Mutant Messiah" on the line, I don't see them backing down or losing easily as they face losing everything if they do.  The Avengers may be fighting a potential threat to mankind but the X-Men face outright extinction if they lose Hope…in more ways than one.