Batman Vs. Superman: Denzel Washington Rumored To Play Green Lantern

Denzel Washington

There have been a lot of far-fetched sounding rumors revolving around Batman Vs. Superman. However, many of them have turned out to be true. During the last several months, several characters from the DC Comics universe have been rumored to be a part of the film. Nightwing, Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman are names that have circulated online. Of course, Warner Bros. confirmed that the Wonder Woman rumor was indeed true by announcing the casting of Gal Gadot in the role.

Another name that has popped up repeatedly in regards to Batman Vs. Superman has been actor Denzel Washington. Earlier rumors suggested that Denzel was being recruited for the Lex Luthor role in the film, but more recent rumors have pointed to Joaquin Phoenix being in talks with Warner Bros. for the Luthor role.

Now, Nuke The Fridge is reporting that Denzel is actually up for the role of the John Stewart version of Green Lantern rather than Lex Luthor. In the Green Lantern movie, Ryan Reynolds played the role of the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern. However, it's been widely speculated that Warner Bros. might go with the John Stewart version of Green Lantern if they bring the character back.

If the rumor is correct, then Batman Vs. Superman seems to be shaping up to be a Justice League movie. It's hard to imagine that Warner Bros. would bring in an Oscar-award winning actor like Denzel and have him only play a cameo role. Denzel's age could be an issue with some fans, as the actor actually turns fifty-nine years old today. However, by casting Ben Affleck as Batman, Warner Bros. has already shown that they aren't just looking toward younger actors for their superhero roles.

Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.