Ben Affleck Directing TV Pilot From Moonlighting Creator

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Glenn Gordon Caron is hardly a household name, but as the creator of Moonlighting and Medium, his work has been seen by tens of millions and, in the case of Moonlighting at least, is widely regarded as one of the best TV series of the 1980s. Caron has created a new series, titled Middle Man, and its pilot episode will be directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker (and future Batman) Ben Affleck. Moonlighting also catapulted its male lead, Bruce Willis, to stardom. Caron started his career less than a decade before writing for series like Taxi and Remington Steele before converting the Willis/Cybill Shepherd starrer into a hit. Middle Man is set in 1960s Boston and, according to the press release and explores the unique relationship between Rudy MacAteer, an FBI agent charged with taking down the Italian-American mafia, and his confidential informant, Irish-American gangster Mickey Flood. Filming on the pilot should begin in early 2014. The pilot order came from FOX after the concept, which has been in the works since 2009, was shopped around last month to a number of networks and digital platforms.