Ben McKenzie says Gordon's Fall on Gotham "Will Go Far"

(Photo: D Roberts)

Ben McKenzie knows that Jim Gordon on Gotham is falling into the darkness that seems to permeate the city. What he's not sure of, however, is when that fall will end, or how far down he'll get before he can bounce back.

"He will go far. We're going to keep pushing him," McKenzie told during a New York Comic Con interview. "At the end of it, he is trying to do what's right, for himself and the greater good. But it comes back to that unanswerable question of 'what if you had to do bad to do good?' It's not a question with a lot of easy answers."

He also recognizes that Jim Gordon has changed quite a bit in the last year.

"There's a scene we're about to shoot that echoes the scene in the pilot [where he let Penguin live at the docks], and it shows how far Jim has come," he said. "I think the Gordon now would look at that Gordon with respect, but also as naive. Also with a bit of yearning to be that guy again."

So what does that previous Gordon think of the newer Gordon?


"Old Gordon would look at the new Gordon with scorn. New Gordon looks at old Gordon as a chump."

McKenzie also teased a bit of the interaction he'll be having with Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) now that she's out of Arkham and back on the prowl. Check out the full video interview above, and watch Gotham on FOX Mondays at 8/7c.