Big Bang Theory Recap with Spoilers - The Viewing Party Combustion

The episode opens with Sheldon and the gang arguing over the naming merits of Batman and Man-Bat [...]

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The episode opens with Sheldon and the gang arguing over the naming merits of Batman and Man-Bat at the comic book store. Basically, the question is what would Man-Bat call himself if he dressed up as a man to fight crime. Would it be Man-Batman, Batman-Bat or something entirely different? The argument is interrupted by Raj leaving to see Claire. Before he leaves, Raj explains that he's dating both Emily and Claire, which leaves the rest of the group in utter disbelief.

Later that night, Leonard preps for their Game of Thrones viewing party while Sheldon brings up their quarterly roommate agreement meeting. Leonard says he doesn't want to go to the meeting because it's a waste of time, but Penny shockingly sides with Sheldon and says she still plans to attend.

While playing video games with Howard, Raj begins "complaining" about how hard it is to date two women at once.

Leonard starts moping over the roommate agreement meeting as Penny urges him to make up with Sheldon before Game of Thrones starts. However, Leonard is put off by Sheldon's childish antics, even after Amy arrives with her famous spinach dip.

When Howard tries to talk to Raj about his unborn child's gender, Raj turns the conversation to his casual dating life. Howard snaps at Raj about bragging about sleeping with two women at the same time, but Raj thinks that he's dealing with some major problems in his life right now.

As Leonard continues to stew, Amy points out that she didn't like attending quarterly relationship agreements either, but Sheldon is convinced that she's just kidding around. He's not even convinced when Amy VERY sarcastically talks about how fascinating sub-committees are, much to Penny's amusement.

Raj and Howard continue their argument in the hallway just as Penny and Sheldon storm out to watch Game of Thrones in Penny's apartment. Raj goes with Penny and Sheldon, while Howard joins Amy and Leonard.

With the group divided, #TeamLeonard picks up a new recruit as Stuart arrives (in full Jon Snow costume) to the viewing party. Turns out, Howard told him to come in costume. Stuart decides to join #TeamSheldon because he's mad at Howard, and Sheldon catches him up with who is mad at who.

Leonard thanks Amy for sticking up to him, but Amy says she only took his side because she gets annoyed at how close Penny and Sheldon are. Amy points out that Penny had Sheldon add things to the roommate agreement so she wouldn't have to argue with Leonard, which causes Howard to giggle. Leonard says that Bernadette does the same thing to him and Raj.

Right before Game of Thrones starts, the argument spills out into the hallway. But, Howard interrupts things before things gets too serious because he's having an allergic reaction to nuts.

Turns out, Leonard's Italian sub had nuts in it, a fact he only learns after they arrive at the hospital. Bernadette says that Howard will be fine, which leads Raj to point out how the night's events was like an episode of Game of Thrones. The gang pokes holes in Raj's theories until Raj says that Stuart is dressed up like a Brother of the Night's Watch, and they don't have sex. No one can argue with that point, so they all shuffle out of the emergency room once Howard joins them, his face now unswollen thanks to modern medicine.

After the party, the gang mocks Stuart as he leaves on his bike. Stuart tries to mock back, but his cloak gets stuck in the bike's chain, sending him over the handlebars in what looked like a serious accident.

That night, Sheldon wakes Leonard up to finish his question about Batman and Man-Bat. Penny counters with a question about whether Batman is still wearing his suit under his Man-Bat suit, which actually causes Sheldon to reconsider his entire line of thought.