Big Hero 6 After The Credits Scene Spoiler

With the release of Big Hero 6 tonight, Disney Animation has taken on a few of Marvel Studios' favorite tricks -- perhaps not surprising since the movie is ever-so-loosely based on a Marvel Comics property.

One of those tricks is the post-credits stinger, teasing more to come down the road in a short vignette that would, at least in theory, be just fine to stand on its own in case of no sequel.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the end of Big Hero 6, out today.

In the course of the film, something that comes up is a family photo belonging to Fred, the character played by TJ Miller in the film.


Fred is back in his family mansion following the events of the film, talking to his father’s image in the family photograph. Fred is clearly proud of his newfound role as a superhero, and wants to tell his father about it. Suddenly, he trips a secret door hidden in the portrait. Fred walks into a secret room, finding weapons, costumes, and tech which clearly demonstrate that he is not the only superhero in the family.

His father (voiced by Stan Lee) appears behind him, holds up a pair of underwear which is clearly a part of his superhero costume, and repeats Fred’s earlier explanation of how to get four days of use out of one pair of underwear before washing. The two men hug, and his father say that they have a lot to talk about.