Big Hero 6 Is Now Disney's Third Highest Grossing Movie Ever Worldwide


Several weeks ago, Big Hero 6, which is loosely-based on a Marvel Comics property, became Disney's third highest grossing animated film at the domestic box office and now they have become the third highest grossing animated Disney film at the worldwide box office.

2015's Academy Award-winning Best Animated Feature passed Tangled this weekend when it brought in $19.9M at the global box office, which pushed its overall total to a whopping $604.8M. It now only trails 2013's Frozen ($1.27B) and 1994's The Lion King ($987.5M). Even though Big Hero 6 is still playing 25 territories after 20 weeks I would safely assume it won't catch either of those two films.


Big Hero 6 also became the fourth 2014 film from Disney Studios to top the $600M benchmark. It shares that honor with Maleficent and Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.