Black Clover Anime Preview Video Released

Last weekend, news broke that Yūki Tabata’s beloved Black Clover was getting an anime adaptation thanks to Studio Pierrot. Rumors had been circulating for a while about the possible anime, and the series was confirmed at Shonen Jump’s Jump Festa. Now, the publisher has released a promotional video of Black Clover’s anime online, and it has fans feeling more hyped than ever.

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The minute-long video begins with a dark entrance into the world of CloveR Kingdom. A massive, winged dragon can be seen attacking the metropolis, and its creepy third-eye is featured prominently thanks to 3D animation. The creature is then stopped in its tracks by a blonde wizard who is clutching a spell book in his hands, and then the footage switches to Black Clover’s protagonists.

Fans see Asta in all his excited, youthful glory. Yuno also make an appearance, and his blank expression is stereotypical of his serious nature. A slew of other characters from the Silver Eagle Squad and Magic Knights can be seen. And, for the two heroes, Asta and Yuno can be seen training and learning how the world of magic works.

If you are not familiar with Black Clover, then you still have some time to familiarize yourself with the series before its anime debuts. The series began in February 2015 when Weekly Shonen Jump began publishing Tabata’s story. Abroad, Viz Media has since started to publish the manga on its digital Weekly Shonen Jump anthology, and it has amassed a rather large fandom over the past year.

The show follows to characters named Asta and Yuno who were raised together at an orphanage in the Clover Kingdom. The world they live in is one where everyone has magical powers, but Asta defied the trend. For some reason, the boy was born with no powers unlike his friend who is a prodigy of sorts. Black Clover follows the friends as they compete with each other to become the country’s Wizard King once Asta is gifted with a rare sort of power known as Anti-Magic.

(Photo: Youtube / Shonen Jump Official)

During its run, Black Clover has been compared to iconic shonen franchises like Fairy Tail and One Piece. The show’s adolescent cast, intense action sequences, and overt humor have left many enamored with it. The show’s fans will only increase when its anime goes live, and fans are already counting down the days until that happens.

So far, there is no word on when the Black Clover series will hit televisions. Originally, reports signals that the anime would debut in 2017, but those statements have since been redacted. Fans are hoping the project will still be released in the new year, and it seems likely that a latter release in 2017 is wholly possible. For now, fans can keep up with the series through its manga. The publication has nine volumes with more than 80 issues to its name.