Breaking: Big Hero 6 Will Have A World In Kingdom Hearts 3

Just announced from the Disney Interactive panel at this year's D23, it seems that Sora and company will be headed to San Fransokyo in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

"It's the perfect fit for Kingdom Hearts with a colorful world filled with action," said series developer Larry Sparks. "To commemorate, we brought this concept art." What was shown was Sora riding on Baymax, and fighting - a Dark Baymax! It's the one that was left behind in the portal, manipulated by the antagonists in the game!

"We're very excited, it's been in development for more than two years and looks beautiful," Shinji Hashimoto said. Baymax, the mascot of the film, even joined the presenters on stage.


Kingdom Hearts 3 no release date set, but look for that to be announced within the year.