Burger King Sweden Rolls Out 50/50 Sandwich, Challenging You to Guess If It’s Meat or Plant-Based

, Burger King is still dropping some interesting menu offerings to their American customers as [...]

burger king 50 50 sweden
(Photo: Burger King)

Plant-based meat options have come a long way in recent years with the taste, feel, and appearance of some faux meat offerings being so close to the real thing that some consumers can't even tell the difference. It's that idea that Burger King Sweden is playing off of with their new 50/50 menu.

As reported by Chewboom, if customers at the fast food chain's Swedish locations order off of the 50/50 menu, they will receive a plant-based Rebel Whopper or plant-based Rebel Chicken King or the real meat versions of the same sandwiches. With the sandwiches being visually identical, the only way customers would be able to tell the difference between the meat and plant-based options is taste -- but Burger King is betting that customers won't be able to tell either way.

If customers do want to know whether they got the meat option or the plant-based one, however, there's an app for that. Customers can scan the 50/50 box within Burger King's app and, after making their guess which sandwich, they received, the app will correctly identify the food offering. It makes for a fun game, if that's something you're interested in.

This isn't the first time that Burger King has offered up a plant-based meat option. The chain has plans to launch the plant-based Impossible Whopper nationwide this year after a successful test launch at 59 St. Louis area locations back in April. The Rebel Chicken King is also a newer release for the chain, though that sandwich is currently available only in Sweden. It's expected to launch in other countries across Europe soon. And, in the U.K., the chain is now offering a halloumi burger -- a sandwich made with patties of crispy grilled halloumi, a firm, slightly salty cheese that originates from Cyprus and is sometimes called the "Grilling Cheese" due to its firm texture and high melting point that makes it ideal for grilling or frying. The halloumi burger had previously been tested in Sweden.

Of course, while the Rebel Chicken King and the halloumi burger and even the whole 50/50 menu concept hasn't made it to the United States (yet), Burger King is still dropping some interesting menu offerings to their American customers as well. We previously reported that BK's Crispy Tacos appear to be making a return at select locations and, while it's definitely not a vegetarian option, the chain is set to offer up the Pulled Pork King, a pulled pork barbecue sandwich sure to delight for barbecue fans. The timetable for that release hasn't yet been set, but the chain is considering a limited time release for the sandwich.

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