Charmed, Mighty Mouse Series Announced By Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment and CBS Consumer Products announced today a new license agreement to bring television series Charmed and Might Mouse to comics.

Mighty Mouse will be returning to comic books for the first time in 30 years just ahead of his 75th anniversary in 2017. Mighty Mouse was created in 1942 as a parody of the era's superhero characters, and went on to star in many animated films over multiple decades and then transition to Saturday morning cartoons in the 1960's.

"Mighty Mouse is as much a part of American pop culture as the two characters he is inspired by," says Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and publisher in a statement. "The original comics and animation entertained generations of fans, and with the popularity of superhero movies, there couldn't be a better time for his return! I am thrilled that Dynamite will be able to bring this timeless hero to a whole new generation of fans."

Charmed ran for eight seasons on television and won several awards, airing in more than 20 countries. Charmed follows the Halliwell sisters: three powerful witches who become but invincible when they come together to summon The Power of Three. The Halliwell sisters battle evil and protect the innocent from their family home in San Francisco.

"Charmed is a perfect fit for Dynamite for a number of reasons," says Dynamite CEO and publisher Nick Barrucci. "We have had tremendous success with cult television properties, and the Halliwell sisters will be right at home. Our plans for these new series are sure to please comics readers and die-hard TV junkies alike!"


Dynamite Entertainment will release more details about both Mighty Mouse and Charmed in the coming months.

Earlier this week, Dynamite announced plans for a James Bond spinoff series featuring Bond's CIA ally Felix Leiter, as well as a new series of comics based on the Microsoft video game series Killer Instinct.