Cisco Tells Jay Garrick And Caitlin To Just Kiss Already In New The Flash Clip


Things are heating up between Caitlin Snow and Jay Garrick. The Flash's Twitter account posted a brief sneak peek featuring the two characters and Cisco to promote tonight's brand new episode "Pretty Messed Up".

Caitlin and Jay have been romantically involved this year, although the two have yet to share a kiss. Their potential romance was briefly put on hold when Jay refused to help the STAR Labs team hunt Zoom, but he returned to reluctantly test Harrison Wells' superspeed inducing Velocity 6 drug a couple episode later. However, Caitlin and Jay's romance might be complicated with the return of Robbie Amell this episode, whose playing the evil doppleganger of her dead husband Ronnie Raymond.


"Pretty Messed Up" returns tonight at 8 PM/7 PM Central on The CW. Be sure to stay tuned after The Flash for specials promoting Legends of Tomorrow and the upcoming slate of DC movies.