Colin Trevorrow Not Directing Star Wars Episode VII

Colin Trevorrow

Pretty soon there will be no one left in the running to direct Star Wars Episode VII. After most of the big name directors like Stephen Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, and Brad Bird had denied their involvement in Star Wars Episode VII, all eyes turned to Colin Trevorrow.

The Colin Trevorrow rumor had seemed like a longshot from the beginning, since he doesn’t exactly have experience directing big budget movies. However, Trevorrow did direct the recent Safety Not Guaranteed, which was a very well-received low budget science fiction film. It wasn’t out of the question that Disney might be giving him his shot at something bigger.

The Colin Trevorrow speculation really picked up this weekend, when an old podcast was unearthed, where Trevorrow talks about his next project being one with a lot of mythology behind it. For many, it read almost like Trevorrow had spoiled his own involvement in Star Wars months before the rest of the world knew there would be a Star Wars Episode VII.

With such overwhelming, apparent proof of his involvement, Trevorrow has now come forward though and officially denied the rumor. Trevorrow tweeted, “To clarify, there is another film we all love that I’m currently trying not to mess up. Odds I will direct Episode VII: 3720 to 1.”

Of course the 3720 to 1 odds still left it up in the air a little bit, but Trevorrow later clarified. When asked if he was officially out of the running to direct Star Wars, Trevorrow stated, “That is what I am saying.” As far as what project Trevorrow is working on that is still a mystery. However, we do know that it's probably not Howard the Duck, because after someone jokingly speculated as much, Trevorrow replied, "Do I need to deny this outright so we don't see any "Trevorrow promises to make Howard The Duck not suck stories tmw?"