Comic Book Men Returning At New Time, Kevin Smith To Host AMC Fearfest


We've known for awhile that Comic Book Men would be returning for a second season, but AMC just officially announced the date and time for the new season premiere. As expected, Comic Book Men season 2 will premiere on Sunday, October 14, 2013. Just like last year, AMC is putting Comic Book Men in a great spot to benefit from a huge lead-in audience from The Walking Dead. However, there has been a slight chance to both the air time and the length of Comic Book Men. In its first season, Comic Book Men episodes ran an hour in length and usually aired directly after The Walking Dead. In its second season, Comic Book Men episodes will run thirty minutes in length and will air after The Talking Dead. Even though each episode of Comic Book Men will be half the size in the second season, viewers will actually get more total hours of the show. The first season of Comic Book Men consisted of a total of six one hour episodes, while the second season will consist of 16 half hour episodes. The Walking Dead will air at 10 PM ET followed by the Talking Dead at 11 PM ET followed by Comic Book Men at 11:30 PM ET. The season premiere of Comic Book Men will coincide with AMC Fearfest, which is an annual marathon of thriller and horror films. Comic Book Men's very own Kevin Smith will be hosting AMC Fearfest this year. AMC Fearfest will feature 19 consecutive days of themed programming and more than 70 films, running from Saturday, October. 13 through Wednesday, October 31.