Comic Book Previews for the Week of September 23rd, 2009

The days of summer are slowly waning, soon we'll break out sweaters and jackets, and pumpkins, [...]

The days of summer are slowly waning, soon we'll break out sweaters and jackets, and pumpkins, hopefully not of the bomb variety, will pop up everywhere. That doesn't mean we have to slow down our reading of comics, especially THIS week!! Marvel brings the long-awaited, much-ballyhooed, debut of the new Spider-Woman solo series is HERE!! Spider-Woman #1 arrives, courtesy of power team Bendis and Maleev. What will await Jessica Drew as she makes her way in a savage new world? Dark Reign: The List takes aim at the X-Men this week, and also look for the one-shot Dark Reign: Made Men, which will focus on the lesser villains of Marvel and how Osborn's world has affected them. Amazing Spider-Man #606 brings old flame/nemesis/ally The Black Cat back into Spidey's life, and look for Ms. Marvel #45 as the battle between the original and current Ms. Marvel reaches its climax! Marvel also brings us Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant-Size #1, promising a battle for the ages as Wolverine squares off against the Hulk Gang, and plenty of blood and vengeance are promised! The powerless New Avengers continue to find a way to regroup in this week's New Avengers #57 , and if you want more action and demolition, look no farther than Incredible Hulk #602, where, guess who, the Juggernaut makes an appearance!

DC has two notable conclusions this week. In Detective Comics #857, Batwoman wraps up her first story arc in this title, and what will happen with her battle against madwoman Alice? Wednesday Comics concludes its twelve week run with issue twelve, bringing to a close the adventures of Metamorpho, Deadman and Batman among others. Justice League of America #37 brings to a close the current arc featuring the Royal Flush Gang, Amos Fortune and the villainous Roulette. Who will come out the victor in this game of chance? Smallville is at the mercy of a resurrected Psycho Pirate in the pages of Blackest Night: Superman #2. Will Flamebird catch up to Supergirl? Find out in the pages of Supergirl #45, a continuation of last week's Action Comics #881. Superman: Secret Origin #1 comes in a super huge 48 pages, kicking off a six-part retelling of the modern Superman's history! Be sure not to miss the hardcover collection of Batman: A Death in the Family, part of the DC Comics Classic Library.

Not to be outdone, Image Comics brings us several big titles this week, with the arrival of issue 66 of Invincible coming to comic book stores. This issue kicks off the return of original series' artist Cory Walker and a new story line! As one story opens in one book, another story closes with Madman Atomic Comics #17! A new limited series, Underground, debuts. The story features a caver out to stop development (read destruction) of a cave into a tourist destination. Dark Horse releases Conan the Cimmerian #14, along with Zero Killer #5. Arvid Nelson's vision of a decidedly different future continues to unfold, as the title character Zero finds himself returning to New York and the Twin Towers, all in the search for a mysterious metal briefcase that holds something quite a few major players want! Boom! Studios has us running the gamut from fantasy, to science-fiction to the world of Neverland, as they release Farscape: Gone and Back #3 along with the first issue of Muppet Peter Pan. Be sure to grab volume two of Eureka in trade paperback form! IDW Publishing brings us another installment of the G.I. Joe universe with G.I. Joe Cobra Special #1 along with Star Trek: Spock: Reflections #3. Before rushing out to carve pumpkins, stock up on leaf bags or begin covering up the pools, get to reading!