Constantine Brings Back Papa Midnite And Jim Corrigan in Episode 13

Tonight's Constantine featured the first appearance of DC Comics mainstay Jim Corrigan, the man who will one day become The Spectre (as alluded to in the show). It also saw the return of Papa Midnite, one of the great supporting characters in Hellblazer and the central antagonist in November 7's episode "The Devil's Vinyl."

Apparently, those two are a flavor that producers think go together like chocolate and peanut butter, as both Emmett J. Scanlan (Corrigan) and Michael J. Shaw (Midnite) will return for the series' thirteenth episode, which is currently filming.

Earlier in the evening, series lead Matt Ryan had tweeted about running back and forth between watching Scanlan on TV and working with him on set. Shortly thereafter, showrunner Daniel Cerone had this to say:

Writer/producer Cam Welsh also teased that maybe that bit of flirtation between Corrigan and Zed just before she had her vision won't come to nothing, after all:


The episode will air in 2015 sometime; the exact date is impossible to say since next week is only the show's seventh episode and there could be any number of delays or skip weeks between now and when the thirteenth episode airs.