Constantine: Easter Eggs and DC Comics References In Blessed Are the Damned

Tonight's episode of Constantine felt a bit like one last outing for the monster-of-the-week [...]

Tonight's episode of Constantine felt a bit like one last outing for the monster-of-the-week mentality and that it's leaning into the Rising Darkness more than we've seen up to now.

That makes sense, given the fact that the midseason finale/midseason premiere is a two-parter starting next Friday. This is the calm before the storm..!

What did we see? What did we miss? Check it out below!

What's that verse?

The verse on top of the snake-handling nothing.

Why mention it? Simple enough: whenever there's something like a Bible verse that speed by fast enough it's tough to read, people tend to assume it's important and ask in teh comments thread. This one says, "God is the father, Jesus is the son and the Holy Ghost is forever and ever."

Certainly a common enough sentiment in the Bible, but it doesn't appear to be a direct quote from anywhere.

House of Mystery

The story takes place in Kentucky. In all of Constantine's publishing history, the only reference to the state I can find (using only online resources, not re-reading every issue, mind you) is that John owns a house there: The House of Mystery, which simultaneously exists on Earth and in The Dreaming.

"Reminds me of an ex-girlfriend"

That could just have been an offhand crack by Constantine -- a typical "Oh, I dated this awful person, glad that's over" joke like you'd get in any story...

...or it could be a sly wink-and-a-nod to the fact that when he said that about Manny, the angel had taken over Zed's body -- someone with whom Constantine had a romantic past in the comics.

The Medusa Mask

This is the big one for the week; when fans said they'd seen the Medusa Mask in an earlier episode, I included it but hadn't actually been able to spot the thing. Here, it was basically impossible to miss, propped up on the bookshelf right next to Imogen's heart in a close-up shot.

The Medusa Mask is a golden faceplate with the power to manipulate emotions in others. Worn by the DC Comics supervillain Psycho-Pirate, it was originally a set of a few masks before he merged them. Later, a connection would be revealed between the mask and the emotional spectrum linked to the rings of Green Lanterns and the other multicolored ring bearers of the DC Universe.

There's a familiar-looking ax behind Constantine in that same scene, too, but I can't place it.

At the beach

This one is obviously unintentional, but still kind of neat: Constantine drawing a circle in the sand while not wearing his trademark trench coat? That was just done on the cover of an issue of The New 52: Futures EndCheck it out above.