Constantine: Who Was the Woman Drawing John Constantine?

The final moments of tonight's pilot episode of Constantine on NBC introduced a mysterious woman, alone in the dark, drawing dozens of pictures of John Constantine.

"Who the heck was that?" is a pretty reasonable reaction for most viewers. Longtime comic book fans will likely be able to guess that it's actually Zed Martin, a longtime supporting character who will be played by Angélica Celaya. 

In the comic books, Zed is a psychic and former lover of John Constantine's.

Described as having "a very dark past," the TV version of Zed will have a complicated relationship with Constantine, as well as the powers of her comic book inspiration.

Liv, originally conceived as a point-of-view character for the series, won't be returning to the show, and instead Zed will take over as the famale lead.


The reason for this is likely twofold: first of all, showrunners have said that once they got a series order, they realized that there was greater storytelling potential for a character who didn't have to be walked through everything. That Constantine, as depicted in the comics, would be a pretty atrocious mentor and putting him in that role would have had the potential to compromise him likely played into their minds, as well.

The other factor is probably that they've decided to follow a number of stories from the comics fairly directly -- and that means they'd have to either bring Zed in, or let another character play her role in any stories she might have been a part of in the comics. It simply makes more sense to introduce her, rather than to keep Liv, a character who was created for the TV series and doesn't have built-in story.