D.Gray-man Getting New TV Anime Series


D.Grey-man is coming (back) to TV. Shueisha, publisher of the popular manga series, announced this weekend at the Jump Festa event that it would release a new anime series based on the longrunning shonen manga. A trailer for the new manga can be seen below:

D.Grey-man is set in an alternate early 20th century and features a group known as the Exorcists who can transform parts of their bodies into weapons that can destroy Akuma, monstrous machines set on destroying humanity. The protagonist of the series is a 15 year old boy named Allen Walker, who can see hidden Akuma with his left eye. Walker and the other Exorcists fight a group led by the Millennium Earl, who created the Akuma. Most of the series focuses on the Exorcists' quest to secure a material known as "Innocence", which allows the Exorcists to destroy the Akuma.

D.Grey-Man is a popular manga in Japan, with over 20 million copies sold. Although D.Grey-man has been in print since 2004, the series has gone on hiatus several times due to creator Katsura Hoshino suffering several injuries and illnesses. D. Grey-Man was already developed into a 103 episode anime series back in 2006, although that series ended without a final resolution between Walker and the Millennium Earl.

The new D.Grey-Man series will feature a new voice cast led by Ayumu Murase. The anime will be released in 2016, although there's no word on whether it'll be picked up by Crunchyroll or another English anime streaming site.


(via AnimeNewsNetwork)