Daredevil Movie Coming With Josh Hartnett?

Could David Slade, director of the forthcoming Daredevil reboot, be eyeing actor Josh Hartnett as his next Man Without Fear? It certainly seems like it, according to a Twitter exchange picked up on by Empire Magazine.

The director--who worked on Hartnett's last comic book adaptation as the director of 30 Days of Night--responded to a tweet by a fan that said she hoped Slade would soon have time to get back to work on the in-development Marvel adaptation, so that fans might be able to see Hartnett (who tried and failed to get the part of Loki in Thor and The Avengers) in a Marvel role. Slade's response? "You and me both."

As the Empire report cautions, don't take this too very seriously; it could have meant that he hoped to get back to work on the movie soon, with no regard for the second part, or that he hopes Hartnett gets a choice role, without regard for the first. Rumors that Slade would like Hartnett to be Daredevil have been floating around since he became attached to the project, though, and so the entertainment press are picking up on this as confirmation that, whether or not scheduling and funding and the studio's desires and all of that eventually allow it to actually happen, there's apparentliy a desire there.

Daredevil is to be produced by Peter Chernin (of Rise of the Planet of the Apes fame) for Regency Pictures, and will reportedliy be based on Frank Miller's Born Again storyline, which saw the title character square off against both Kingpin (who appeared in the first, much-maligned Daredevil film with Ben Affleck) and Nuke, who did not.