David Hasselhoff Changes Name To David Hoff


For decades, people have been referring to the Baywatch and Knight Rider star as "The Hoff" and today David Hasselhoff announced that he has officially dropped the "Hassel" from his name and will now be known as David Hoff.

"Big news today and a massive relief for me," the 63-year-old actor/singer(?) tweeted. "I hope everyone can understand… it feels great!" The message came with a link to a YouTube video, in which he holds a certificate showing that he did indeed legally change his name to David Hoff. "I've been wanting to drop the Hassel from my life for years," he says in the video. "Now, I have made it official. David Hoff."

Why? Money! "The Hoff makes more money than Hasselhoff," he told the Guardian in a June interview when asked about if he was tired of his often used nickname. "So I just go where The Hoff goes. Also it’s SO MUCH MORE FUN."

Below, you can check out his announcement video.


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