Dazzler Gets a Dark New Look For Original Sin Tie-In

Uncanny X-Men writer Brian Michael Bendis has revealed a new look for Dazzler, which will debut in the pages of July's Uncanny X-Men #24.

The image features the new Dazzler tearing apart images of herself in her previous outfits.

The cover, by Kris Anka, gives readers a look at the reinvented character, who looks much more...extreme...than usual, with dark, tattered clothing, dark hair and Kiss-inspired stage makeup.

Dazzler had been a mutant liaison agent to S.H.I.E.L.D. before she was kidnapped and replaced by Mystique. After rendering Dazzler comatose, Mystique experimented on her to create a new mutant genetic drug to sell. Magneto recently rescued Dazzler and brought her to the Cyclops-led X-Men team to be healed.

This isn't the first time Bendis has been involved in a reimagining of the disco-themed superheroine; in Marvel's Ultimate Comics line, Bendis was instrumental in reinventing Dazzler as a punk.

Uncanny X-Men #24 is part of the "Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier" story arc tying-in to Original Sin.

ComicBook.com has exclusively obtained video of Dazzler's next video, which you can see below.