DC Comics Exclusive Preview: Batman Beyond Universe #3

Batman Beyond #3 CoverComicbook.com

received an exclusive preview of Batman Beyond Universe Issue #3 from DC Comics. Check out the cover above, as well as the four preview pages below.

In Batman Beyond Universe #3, Superman journeys into the mists of the Phantom Zone, as the rest of the Justice League squares off against an army of rogue Superman robots. Plus, who is the powerful and mysterious Rewire? And what twisted plans does he have for Batman?

Batman Beyond Universe #3 is written by Kyle Higgins & Christos Gage with art by Thony Silas & Iban Coello. The cover art is by Rafael Albuquerque. Batman Beyond Universe #3 is scheduled to be released in comic book stores on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

Batman Beyond #3 Page 1

Batman Beyond #3 Page 2

Batman Beyond #3 Page 3

Batman Beyond #3 Page 4