DETECTIVE COMICS Follows BATMAN's Suit, Adds Backup Feature

While Scott Snyder's Court of Owls backup feature in Batman will lead into a crossover for the Bat-titles soon, there was some early confusion as to whether that feature would immediately flow into Detective Comics, which was announced recently to be adding a backup feature and the corollary dollar to its cover price. Shortly after readers and comics reporters began speculating that the pair would be linked, Scott Snyder himself took to Twitter to dispel the rumors and the next day, DC Comics announced via its blog, The Source, that the backup feature in Detective Comics would actually star Two-Face and be written by series writer Tony S. Daniel with art by Szymon Kudraski, who collaborated with Daniel on a backup story in last week's Detective Comics #5. The backup feature will launch in Detective Comics #8, lining up nicely with the timing of the announced second wave of New 52 titles that will launch the following month. Daniel told The Source, "I'm going deep into the character of Harvey Dent and the inner conflicts and demons he must confront.  I'm approaching the characters and story the way I would a multi-layered psychological thriller, one that covers a man at the losing end of a battle within himself." Two-Face has not been a major force in the New 52 yet, appearing only briefly in the opening issues of David Finch and Paul Jenkins's Batman: The Dark Knight. Mike Marts, DC's Batman Group Editor, told The Source that the new iteration of the popular villain is "a new threat, a new troubled soul," and that Daniel's take is one that readers have never seen before.