Drew Goddard Still Involved With Daredevil Season 2

The Martian writer Drew Goddard developed and was the original showrunner for Netflix's Marvel's Daredevil series. He had to drop out of the project before it hit streaming, but he did write the show's pilot.

Some have assumed there was animosity involved between Goddard and Marvel, but Goddard tells Collider that's simply not the case.

"I love Marvel, I still work with them. I was in the writers room of Season 2 a couple weeks ago—it's going. I think this sort of got portrayed as this sort of animosity, [but] it's never been the case. They know I love their properties, they've been very nice to me, we just keep trying to find the right fit.

For me it's all about how do I make it personal? With Matt Murdock I just had such a personal connection to that character it was just like, 'I have to do this.' I don't want to—I call it "superhero karaoke", I don't wanna be a guy that just takes the comics and then shoots them onscreen. I think it's our job to treat it as if it's our run. If I'm the writer of a comic book, you wouldn't just retell someone else's story, you would just take that ball and move it forward."

In fact, Goddard reminds fans that he still works on the show in his capacity as an executive producer.

"My job is wonderful which is—I mean my friends are running it, Marco [Ramirez] and Doug [Petrie], and when I say, 'What do you guys need?' they say, 'Come in, talk.' That's how it works, I'm still the executive producer. I show up and we talk about Matt Murdock and I say, 'Do you need any more help?' and they say, 'No,' and then I leave (laughs)."

Furthermore, he's open to continuing to work with Marvel on their other Defenders series, since talking about these characters is what he does for fun anyway.


"I'm always there when they wanna talk about it, because this is what I do in my spare time anyway, sit around and talk about Daredevil. So if it counts as a job, I'm always ready to do it."

Daredevil Season 2 premieres on Netflix in 2016.