Dungeon Defenders 2 Introduces New Hero The Abyss Lord

DD Abyss Lord
(Photo: Trendy Entertainment)

Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders 2 is getting ready to release a new hero as part of their Calling All Heroes update, and now we have some details on who the first one is.

The initial hero of the set is The Abyss Lord, and as his name implies he is a practitioner of the dark arts. Abyss Lord's main power comes in the ability to summon various minions, which act as his defense towers, and it results in some of the coolest defenses yet. For instance, his colossus tower summons a giant minion warrior with a fire axe to slam opponents to the ground, while the bone archers hit enemies with multitudes of arrows as they pass. He also has the orc blockade, a set of skeletons that hit with hard melee attacks and block whatever space they occupy, and the skeletal ramster, a little dog-like ram that hits the enemy with abyssal flame.

DD Abyss Lord Powers
(Photo: Trendy Entertainment)

One of his abilities, however, makes these towers even more formidable. With his direct command ability, he can order any of this towers to use a special enhanced attack. For instance, if he uses that ability on the colossus, he then hits the ground with a giant shockwave instead of his normal attack. Every unit has one of these special attacks, and he can call on it at any time, providing he can use the ability. The character has a great look, and I can't wait to get some time with him. Right now this is only on the PC version, but hopefully, it will come to PS4 soon enough.

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