Edison Rex, Anti-Hero and High Crimes: Monkeybrain's January 22 Previews

Monkeybrain Comics have released sneak previews at this week's releases: Anti-Hero #6, Edison Rex [...]


Monkeybrain Comics have released sneak previews at this week's releases: Anti-Hero #6, Edison Rex #13 and High Crimes #6, all due out tomorrow from the digital comics publisher via ComiXology. You can check out the solicitation text and preview pages below, including direct links to buy the books, which can be preordered now and will load onto your ComiXology account when they go live tomorrow morning. Click on any cover or pages to see it in its full size. And, as always, look out later this week for our "commentary track" conversation with the Edison Rex creators, Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver.


Anti-Hero #6 Writer: Jay Faerber Art: Nate Stockman Colorist: Paul Little Letterer: Charles Pritchett Henry attempts to use truth serum to get leverage against Callum. Direct link to purchase: https://cmxl.gy/1eIZrAy


Edison Rex #13 Writer: Chris Roberson Art: Dennis Culver Colorist: Stephen Downer Letterer: John J. Hill The fierce alien warrior M'Alizz has been Edison Rex's bodyguard and constant companion for years. But how did this unlikely pair first meet? Why did she choose to dedicate her life to protecting his? And what secret has Edison been keeping from her all this time...? Direct link to purchase: https://cmxl.gy/1eIZrQM


High Crimes #6 Writer: Christopher Sebela Art: Ibrahim Moustafa 19,000 feet above sea level and 10,000 more to go, Zan Jensen is locked into a deadly game of cat and mouse through avalanches and icefalls. With all her sights firmly set on summiting, Zan has to manipulate one partner to save another or risk all of them ending up as more dead landmarks on Mount Everest. Direct link to purchase: https://cmxl.gy/1eIZsnZ