Elvira Animated Series In The Works

Elvira, whose real name is Cassandra Peterson, attended Boston Comic-Con earlier this month, where she told fans she's working on an animated series based on the Mistress Of The Dark, according to MassLive (via ihorror).

Peterson rose to fame in the 1980s hosting a Los Angeles weekend television show that presented horror movies. For Elvira's appearance and personality, Peterson chose to blend a sexy vampire look with a spunky and sarcastic "Valley Girl" attitude. It was a hit. Soon Elvira became a brand, her likeness being used for Halloween costumes, comic book, action figures, trading cards and much more.


Part of Elvira signature look is a black cleavage-enhancing gown, which she believes sends a positive and important message to women. "Just because you look sexy ... you don't have to be a bimbo," Peterson said. "You don't have to look like Margaret Thatcher to be a strong woman. Sorry, Margaret Thatcher!"