Emerald City Comic Con: The Walking Dead's Michonne Doesn't Consider Loss

Danai Gurira, star of AMC's The Walking Dead, told an audience at Emerald City Comic Con today that her character is successful in part because she simply doesn't consider the possibility of losing.

"[Michonne] doesn't envision loss," said Gurira at today's Michonne: Impossible panel. "She doesn't envision that at the end of this fight the Governor will have won; she envisions at at the end of this fight I will have won, and I will walk away with his head--or his eye."

She likened Michonne's persona to those of elite, female Liberian soldiers who had an innate belief that they could use their bodies to accomplish their next goals.

During another panel yesterday, The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard revealed that for the only time ever, when he first met Gurira, the resemblance to Michonne was so uncanny that he got chills.