Everything Wrong With Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever

The good folks at Cinema Sins has unleashed their latest 'Everything Wrong With' video and this [...]


The good folks at Cinema Sins has unleashed their latest "Everything Wrong With" video and this one is for Joel Schumacher's  Batman Forever.

Tim Burton rescued live-action Batman from the 1960s camp that he had been stuck in. After two films, that at the time were considered dark and gritty, Warner Bros. decided to take the reins from Burton and hand over the Batman Forever director's chair to Joel Schumacher (Lost Boys). On a positive note, it isn't as awful as Schumacher's 1997 follow-up Batman & Robin, and Val Kilmer (Tombstone) turns in an admirable performance as The Dark Knight/Bruce Wayne.

Check out their "Everything Wrong With Batman Forever In 18 Minutes Or Less" in the video below.

The Dark Knight is back on the big screen for the third feature in the blockbuster Batman series ... now battling two supervillains simultaneously--but this time joined by his protégé, Robin, to protect Gotham City. Jim Carrey stars as criminal genius, The Riddler, and Tommy Lee Jones plays Two-Face. Together, these criminal kingpins present a threat that only the Dynamic Duo--Batman (Val Kilmer) and Robin (Chris O'Donnell)--can stop. And Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman comes to Gotham as the alluring Dr. Chase Meridian, who may steal the heart of Batman Forever.