EXCLUSIVE: Captain Marvel Redesign Comes to Marvel Heroes 2015

(Photo: Gazillion Entertainment)

Marvel Heroes 2015 has worked closely with Marvel Comics to stay as up-to-date as possible, incorporating characters and story elements into the free-to-play online RPG on a regular basis. The next step for them? Officially changing their character, Ms. Marvel, into her moniker of the last few years, Captain Marvel. While one costume reflecting that change has been around for awhile, the name and the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" costume will soon be her default, ComicBook.com exclusively reveals.

While no date was announced by Gazillion, they're aiming for the change (and new look) to hit during the initial All-New, All-Different launch period at Marvel Comics, which starts in October. Just as Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, gets her due, Gazillion did confirm that other characters and elements in the game would get an All-New, All-Different treatment.

As for Captain Marvel, the new look is based on Kris Anka's slight redesign for the relaunch. Players who own Ms. Marvel get the new costume for free and can use the older Ms. Marvel look as an alternate. Players who purchase Carol Danvers for the first time will get this new Captain Marvel design, with the Ms. Marvel costume as a purchasable alternate.

Marvel Heroes 2015 is a free-to-play action RPG with over fifty playable characters, a base story by Brian Michael Bendis, and an ever-updating series of events, powers, and ways to play. Check out MarvelHeroes.com for more information on how to download and play.