Falling To Pieces Of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

When Lego Stars Wars came out years ago, no one knew that the success that game would garner, let [...]

LEGO Batman 2

When Lego Stars Wars came out years ago, no one knew that the success that game would garner, let alone the many spin-offs that would come from it.  From Harry Potter to Indiana Jones, these games have all had varying degrees of success but none of them flat out failures.  But one game that was an out and out a success was Lego Batman.  Despite the campiness of these games, the fun you have with them is undeniable.  Either playing with yourself or with friends (which is even better) the fun was palpable.  Playing as Batman and the Boy Wonder, you found yourself fighting villains like Two-Face, Poison Ivy and the infamous Joker.  And unlike most Lego games that have to follow a strict script due to the movie tie-ins, Batman allows the developer to tell any story from any particular book.  And that's exactly what this new game will do. The game starts out with Joker joining forces with the diabolical Lex Luthor to either destroy or take over the world (probably both, considering the villains).  And despite Batman's strength and resourcefulness, he alone cannot take on these powerful foes.  So he must call in favors of his Super Friends to get the job done.  That's right folks.  Not only will you play as your favorite Caped Crusader, you'll also play as League members Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and of course, the Man of Steel himself, Superman.  But more than playing as these awesome heroes, your hub-world will be that of the famous Watchtower.  And thanks to a news source, we're allowed to see some of what each character can do. Cyborg:  He basically plays as the R2-D2 of this game.  He can interact with computers and shoot lasers.  So…not overly exciting in my mind. Green Lantern:  The Green Lantern in this story is Hal Jordan.  He feels the role of Jedi in the sense that he can interact with green blocks with his ring, rebuilding or building new things.  Also, with the ability to fly, he'll be necessary to reach blocks or items unreachable by other characters.  And also?  He glows green and leaves a trail when he flies. Flash:  Apparently, he will be the fastest character ever in any of the Lego games.  Which, makes sense, obviously.  He will be the one person to acquire blocks as he can destroy almost anything by running through them with his speed.  Also, he'll be able to use that same speed to blow apart the opposition.  Hopefully this will help in the block collection part. Aquaman:  I've never been a fan of Aquaman and I doubt I'll like him in this.  Besides being awesome in the water, no one has seen him do much else.  Figures. Wonder Woman:  Being the awesome hero she is, she can both fly and wrangle enemies in with her golden lasso.  Though it has no other properties, I think it will help to think out the herd instead of just diving right in and her losing her little Lego head. Superman:  Many people have said  (the developers in this game included) that Superman is a hard character to put in the game.  He's basically invincible and has a large assortment of powers.  And they decided to embrace this and make him exactly as he is in the comics.  So how does that play into the game?  The developers aren't saying and the only hint they've given is it's "not kryptonite" that hurts him.  Hmm….any thoughts? All-in-all it seems like a good game and I can't wait to play it.  Nothing bad about playing with Legos.