Fan Creates Two And A Half Hour Movie Based On Spider-Man's Uncle Ben

Need your next Spider-Man movie fix? A new film is available now on YouTube. While the focus isn't on Spider-Man per say, it focuses on everyone's favorite uncle, Ben Parker.

Make 'Em Laugh Films presents Uncle Ben: The Movie (Spider-Man parody):

Witness the legendary untold story of Uncle Ben! The Spider-Man saga unfolds from Uncle Ben's perspective!

Ben was the uncle and surrogate father of Peter Parker, the wallcrawler's alter ego. His death at the hands of a burglar that Spider-Man declined to pursue earlier forever propelled Peter into the role of a superhero.

The murder of Uncle Ben is notable as one of the few comic book deaths that has never been reversed. There is a popular phrase in comic book circles which states "No one in comics stays dead except Uncle Ben."


Launched in 2008, Make 'Em Laugh Films identify themselves as YouTubers with a very simple mission…."to make the your side ache from laughter."