Fan Fridays: Will The Suicide Squad Sequel Feature The Secret Six?

Suicide Squad dropped to mixed reviews but made a killing for its premiere weekend. With the [...]

Secret Six

Suicide Squad dropped to mixed reviews but made a killing for its premiere weekend. With the money coming in, it's pretty much a given that a sequel will be greenlit to return us to the world of the team of supervillains being pushed into adventures by Amanda Waller and the U.S. government. While new villains would surely join the old team to combat some new threat, could we see an entirely new team with a new modus operandi? Fan, BaneBro, thinks they may take the franchise in a new direction by taking the leash off the villains and introducing them once again as the team, the Secret Six. Let's look at the facts!

The Secret Six were a spinoff from the Suicide Squad, created by comic book writer, Gail Simone, taking past members of the Squad and placing them together as mercenaries rather than government flunkies. Originally housing such members as Deadshot, Catman, Bane, Ragdoll, Scandal (Vandal Savage's daughter), and the Silver Banshee, the team changed members over time and even expanded past merely six villains. Since they sold their services for the highest dollar, they often found themselves fighting both heroes and villains, and even fought with the latest incarnation of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad.

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The Suicide Squad sequel needs to find a fresh hook and the Secret Six is as good as any. Having the team competing with another gang of super villains would make for a fantastic ride, plus introducing DC stalwarts such as Scandal and Catman would be welcome for the overall DC Cinematic Universe. Barring say, a giant crossover film between the Squad and the Justice League, a heist movie wherein these two rotten teams go head to head would be something audiences would want to see.

Another big selling point would be the re-introduction of Bane to the silver screen. While already appearing in Batman and Robin and more recently, the Dark Knight Rises, Bane continues to be one of the biggest villains Batman has ever faced. Placing him into the context of a Suicide Squad movie with a new twist ala what we've seen with the Joker would be the best way to bring him crashing back onto the scene. Tom Hardy was originally set to take up the role of Rick Flag in this summer's villain blockbuster but had to bow out. Regardless, Hardy is on record that he'd still like to be a part of the DCCU, so why not bring him back into some well worn shoes and reprise the role that he's so famous for? He could also be introduced prior to the Batman solo picture with Ben Affleck as the lead.

Regardless, the DC Cinematic Universe is hinting at a lot of big events moving forward and I think the Secret Six would work well as an addition to their large roster.

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