Fan Creates Stunning Indie Game Based Off Final Fantasy XV Trailer

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy has undoubtedly inspired fans to do many things: create art, write [...]

Square Enix's Final Fantasy has undoubtedly inspired fans to do many things: create art, write stories, pursue friendships - the list goes on and on. But, for one insanely talented fan, the trailer for Final Fantasy XV inspired him to create his own video game. And, honestly, the home-grown project might be one of the most stunning things you'll see all week.

Entitled Lost Soul Aside, indie developer Yang Bing has been working full-time on this project by himself. The game, which is still in its prototype stages, has blown gamers away as its trailer features some very impressive gameplay. The teaser showcases multiple interactive terrains, combo melees, and storyline narration.

And, considering the game was made in Unreal Engine 4, the project looks like it would be a honest hit. I'd be one of the first to put down money on a pre-order for Lost Soul Aside, not gonna' lie.

The overwhelming response to Bing's now-viral trailer has prompted the creator to update followers on the game and its development. Taking to Twitter and Facebook, Bing's humble words will make you love the guy. Overlooking tons of compliments, Bing told fans there's a lot of work to be done on the game and that he won't look into crowdfunding unless he's sure he'll be able to finish Lost Soul Aside.

"About the crowdfunding I have to say that I know nothing about marketing, I won't ask for people's money before Im sure that I can finish it," he wrote. Bing also reiterated how much he admired the Final Fantasy franchise, telling fans, "I have to say that I have been waiting for ffxv since it's called ffv13, I'm just a fan of final fantasy."

Bing also released a short synopsis of the game's overall story:

"Ten years ago, there was a war between two kingdoms. The war ended, but several years later the unknown monsters kept to come out and kill people.

Kazer was the Captain of the Knights templar, he rarely has a smile on his face again since the accident of his family, and the nightmare of that day keeps coming to him…

Until he accidentally got combined with one of the monsters, and the monster told him that his name is Arena."

In Bing's last message, he told fans he would be taking a short hiatus from the game as he was unprepared for the game's sudden popularity. While he promises to provide updates in the future, he does want fans to know that Lost Soul Aside is very much a personal project for now unless an opportunity arises for him to make its development his full-time job.

So, please. Somebody, give this guy all of the money.