Fans Kickstart Light-Up Foam Lightsabers For Friendly Violent Enjoyment

(Photo: Calimacil)

It's time to light up your lightsabers and smack your friends with them - without seriously injuring them! Thanks to this new Kickstarter, you can finally have a light-up lightsaber that's also foam to allow for live action roleplaying.

The high-end lightsabers will come in several flavors. There's Foam only (no lights) the "Basic Vibro" going off the "vibroblade" in the Star Wars universe that has a backing alongside the actual energy blade that lights up, the Basic Plasma, a light-up foam with no backing, and the Advanced Plasma - check your pledges carefully as each different version has various colors, lighting, and sound effects.

The kickstarter has 22 days to go and has nearly twice its goal already at press time, with new stretch goals being added.