Fantastic Four's Miles Teller Lays Out Audition Process, Seemingly Confirms Rumors

Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic

While Fox still hasn't technically announced the cast of their upcoming Fantastic Four reboot yet, it's clear they're no longer hiding it, as director Josh Trank has deleted the Twitter account he had been using to deny casting rumors and the reported members of the cast have all said something or another about appearing in the film.

Miles Teller, particularly, has been talking -- a lot -- and not generally ingratiating himself much to the fans of the franchise. His latest comments are bit less controversial...but they do seem to confirm the way the media has been saying things went down.

Rumor had it that Michael B. Jordan was the first one cast, and that Teller and Kate Mara were cast not long after that, with Jamie Bell only locked down in mid-February as The Thing.

Here's what Teller had to say about the process to Just Jared (via CBM):


"I went in for a test as they call it, and I read with Mike (Michael B Jordan) and Kate (Mara) and (director Josh) Trank was there. We just kind of put it down in front of the studio and the studio gave it a thumbs up....Mike had the Human Torch locked up for a while. He didn’t say anything about it, because the movie wasn’t a hundred percent a go and all that stuff. That was really the only part. I could have played The Thing but, then I’m covered in rocks. I don’t want to cover up my face, you know?"

What's that mean for the film? Really nothing we didn't already know. Still, confirming that the widely-circulating rumors about the film were accurate all along seemingly suggests that there's a leak close enough to the film to suggest this production could be spoiled pretty regularly between now and the release date. Spoilerphobes may want to stay away from coverage of the movie.