Fear The Walking Dead: Who Dies In Pillar Of Salt?

. Nick is meshing nicely into a thriving Tijuana community and Madison has lead her group to [...]

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(Photo: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC)

Heading into tonight's new episode of Fear the Walking Dead, our groups seem to have found a bit of a comfort zone (except for Travis, who is stuck with his crazy kid). Nick is meshing nicely into a thriving Tijuana community and Madison has lead her group to sanctuary at the hotel.

That said, we know that trouble always finds paradise in the world of The Walking Dead. Threats are looming on the all-too-close horizon of La Colonia and Madison's group is sharing their holdup with an unstable group of survivors who certainly wouldn't be upset to see them off.

So, who is in danger and who is safe heading into the "Pillar of Salt" episode of Fear the Walking Dead?

Madison- Danger. The best bet is only one of the Strand/Madison pair make it out of the second season alive. Madison's weaknesses and inability to do whatever it takes at any given moment make her the weaker link.

Strand- Safe. His growth continues and he connects with new characters on emotional levels. He is ready to do what it takes to survive and would possibly even betray those around him to do so. Survival of the fittest.

Alicia- Safe. Her skills as a survivor continue to evolve. She's cutting down zombies left and right. Still, humans could pose a major threat to her but the newly formed pact with Oscar's group gives her plenty more time to work on that.

Ofelia- Safe. She will return, eventually, and when she does it will be bad-ass.

Nick- Safe. If Nick is taken out of the picture, who will the Tijuana Colonia story center around? Plus, he's adaptive and smart, more so than most around him.

Luciana- Danger. Nick pissed off the gangsters. Now he cares for Luciana. That makes her leverage for when they decide they don't want to deal with Nick's way of doing business.

Alejandro- Danger. Those same gangsters are getting skimped on their drug drops courtesy of Nick's new way of making pills. That won't come down on Nick like it will the pharmacist, putting a question of morality on Nick as to whether he should come clean to save him in such a situation of remain behind the curtain.

Travis- Unsure. Travis is still reluctant to adapt to the world of the zombie apocalypse and what it takes to survive but survival is in there somewhere.

Chris- Danger. He's a constant threat to those around him and when people feel unsafe in this world, they act. It doesn't help that he was recently cast in Marvel' Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. either.

Who do you think is in the most danger for Sunday's episode, with only four remaining in Fear the Walking Dead's second season?

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