Final Jessica Jones Trailer Released

(Photo: Netflix/Marvel TV)

Jessica Jones is less than two weeks away from its worldwide release on Netflix, and the second Marvel Studios/Netflix collaboration has been building the hype. Netflix is supporting that with one more trailer, that they're calling the Final Trailer, released Tuesday morning.

The first minute of this trailer alone should do three things: Make you deathly terrified of David Tenant's Kilgrave (Purple Man in the pages of Marvel Comics), make you love and believe the Luke Cage and Jessica Jones relationship at the drop of a hat, and make you anxiously await the release of the series.

And then there's another minute and a half of enticing footage.

Jessica Jones, the follow-up to Daredevil and the second of four series leading to The Defenders, debuts on Netflix in over fifty countries on November 20, 2015 with all episodes released that day.