Firestorm Fansite Asks Fans to Recognize Finale on Social Media

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The final issue of The Fury of Firestorm the Nuclear Man hits on Wednesday, and the popular website Firestorm Fan is asking fans of the title to change their social media profile pictures and other icons to a custom Firestorm finale image in celebration of the cancelled title. "The drawing above was done by the dastardly creative Luke Daab. It sums up how many of us Match-heads feel about the cancellation of this title. It's been a fun ride with some amazing creators! The last few months with Dan Jurgens have been especially fantastic, so this cancellation is heartbreaking,"writes the site. "If you post to social media about Firestorm between Monday, May 20 through Friday, May 24, please include the following hashtag: #FirestormFarewell." Jurgens will join for one last commentary track, as he has every month since he took over the title, the day that the comic publishes. Fans who wish to ask a question about his run on the series should tweet them to @comicbookdotcom or e-mail before Tuesday.