Flash's Grant Gustin Has Superman I Love Him Tattoo

Grant Gustin Superman I Love Him Tattoo

You never know what interesting trivia you might learn on DC All Access. In today’s episode, Tiffany interviews Arrow executive producer & writer Andrew Kreisberg and Grant Gustin, who recently played Barry Allen on Arrow. Grant Gustin will also be the star of the upcoming Flash TV series.

Gustin was the very first person to audition for the role of the Flash, and Kreisberg  and fellow executive producer Greg Berlanti felt he was the ideal choice for the role. “If it wasn’t Grant, we might not have done it,” said Kresiberg.

“They had to convince me at first that I was the right guy for the part. I walked out of my first audition kind of like, ‘What just happened?’ kind of thing. But once I saw how excited they were about me, I was a thousand times more excited,” said Gustin.

In perhaps the most surprising moment of the interview, Gustin also showed off his new tattoo, which says, “Superman…I love him.” Gustin explained, “When I was a kid, I was a huge Superman fan. And also really into like drawing and coloring. And I was like four or five, and so my mom use to draw him for me, Superman, and I would color that in. And that’s why it’s her handwriting. This was also a line in my first professional job.”