Fox Turned Down A Judge Death Dredd Movie

Judge Dredd has been a mainstay in indie comics for years, and 2012 finally saw him get a quality adaptation.

The Karl Urban vehicle recieved much higher praise than the 1995 version with Sylvester Stallone, and fans were overjoyed to finally get a great take on the character. Karl Urban used his deadpan attitude and menacing tone to bring Judge Dreed to life, and audiences have been clammoring for a sequel ever since.

According to Dredd's co-creator, John Wagner, a sequel may still be happening. In an interview with ScreenGeek, he had this to say:

"Well, there will be a sequel, I just don't know when or who'll do it but it'll happen.... It would work very well as a television show – it just depends on how it's done. It could work very as a film. I mean – everyone wants to see Judge Death, don't they?"


If you aren't familiar, Judge Death is a main antagonist in the Judge Dredd comics, and he serves as a sort of antithesis to Dredd. Death serves as the leader of the Dark Judges, who are basically a group of zombie police from alternate dimension, that think being alive is the greatest crime of all.

Fans love this character, and for good reason.

Later on in the interview, Wagner claimed that Judge Death was actually meant to have a leading role in the 2012 Dredd film.

"I wouldn't mind seeing that. That was actually the first script that Alex Garland did was a Judge Death script but Fox, who they were dealing with at the time, turned it down. They wanted more nuts and bolts before they went into the [metaphysical]."

According to Wagner, writer Alex Garland had a much different story in mind. Fox turned it down, however, to build a stronger foundation for the character.

While the news may hit fans where it hurts, the decision paid off. Garland's next script hit the nail on the head, and Dredd became a cult hit.


Hopefully a sequel, or a series, will happen sooner than later.